| Beauty Review | BBIA – Last Auto Gel Eyeliner

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog ^_^ I’m going to review the BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliners in #40 Angel, #04 Rose Gold, and #B5 Soul Brown. Keep reading for reviews and swatches!

BBIA Gel Eyeliner Swatch

Brand: BBIA
Product: Last Auto Gel Eyeliner
Colors: ❀ #40 Angel ❀ #04 Rose Gold ❀ #B5 Soul Brown ❀
Price: ~7 (Click here to purchase on Jolse with free shipping!)

I immediately fell in love with the colors! The Rose Gold and Angel have fine sparkles that don’t look overpowering. When you first put it on, it there isn’t much pigmentation but going over it twice or three times really builds the color. Soul Brown is a matte brown that is also definitely build-able. It can be used when you want a softer and darker brown eyeliner. The other end of the eyeliner has a little sharpener (its not great but it works!). This is great for travel in case you don’t want to bring a separate sharpener. One thing I was really disappointed in however was the packaging. Overall, it looks nice but when i opened Angel when I first got it, the whole stick of eyeliner fell out. I thought this was only a defect for that one but one day, it happened to my Soul Brown as well. It might be the heat in my home making the eyeliner slip out? (Did this happen to anyone else?😞 ). I’m not sure but this hasn’t happened to any of my other eyeliners. However this is really easy to fix, I usually just push it back into the tube! Overall, I really love this product!

Overall Thoughts:
❀ Gorgeous colors
❀ Many colors to choose from
❀ Great price
❀ Medium pigmentation, build-able
❀ Smudge resistant
❀ Sharpener at the other end
❀ Bad Packaging – eyeliner may fall out

Thank you for reading and come back again for more reviews!

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