| Drama Review | Hwarang


Korean Title: 화랑
Chinese Title: 花郞
Release Date: 12/19/2016 – 02/21/2017
Language: Korean
Episodes: 20

Park Seo Joon
Go Ara
Park Hyung Sik
Do Ji Han


Ok first things first…Lee Kwang Soo…sighs….for all you Running Man fans….sighhh….you’ll know the reason behind my sighs after watching the first ep!
Anyways, I really liked this drama. There was a lot of bromance scenes and everyone is just so darn ❤ ___ ❤ . I especially enjoyed watching Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik’s relationship. I know some people found Go Ara’s character annoying and didn’t find her too pretty but I actually disagree. I found her quite pretty and she wasn’t annoying to me. She would also be pretty funny at times when she would randomly scream. However, I wish she played a bigger part in the drama. Her character didn’t feel that ‘needed’ to me :/ . Maybe more scenes of her and Park Seo Joon would’ve helped too. The majority of this drama is focused on Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik’s lives.

Side notes – I found the Park Hyung Sik’s mom kind of annoying and I couldn’t get myself to sympathize with her. She just kept saying she loved (so and so) but she would always do these things that nobody would do to the person they truly truly loved. But anyways, I found Do Ji Han’s character soooooooo adorable…who agrees?!

The reason I gave this drama 9 stars is because I found the ‘oh we can’t be together’ and the wishy washiness of the two main characters slightly annoying :(. Nonetheless it was a great drama with a great storyline. It felt like each episode had something important happen and there weren’t just fillers. It felt like pieces of the puzzle kept coming together and it eventually led to the biggg conflict. It was very nicely planned out throughout the whole drama! I think this drama would be for you if you like action and historical dramas with a hint of romance.

Feel free to start an open discussion about this drama in the comments below ^_^ I’d love to discuss the plot, delve deeper into the storyline, etc!

Overall Thoughts:
Happy ending
Not many kiss scenes
Nice evenly planned out plot
Eggcelent bromance ❤ ____ ❤


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