| Drama Review | Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


Korean Title: 힘쎈여자 도봉순
Chinese Title: 大力女子都奉順
Release Date: 02/24/2017 – 04/15/2017
Language: Korean
Episodes: 16

Park Bo Young
Park Hyung Sik
Ji Soo An
Woo Yeon
Seol In A


Let me just start out by saying…SUCH A CUTE DRAMA. I loved how this drama was so adorable yet had some depth to it. There were many comedic scenes that made the drama very fun to watch. But there were also some creepy parts (…like really creepy…you have been warned c: ) though it’s nothing you won’t be able to get through! I really admired Park Bo Young’s acting…her crying scenes had me balling like there was no tomorrow. As for the basic storyline, it is mainly focused around one crime case, development of Park Bo Young’s acceptance of her power, and development of her relationships. The supporting cast (mostly gang members) didn’t add much to the plot but they brought such a comedic side to the whole drama.

I have to say this…I felt soooooo soo soooo bad for Kim Won Hae’s character (LOL – you guys will understand why when you watch) but he was just so funny. I really commend him on taking on his role!

I also cannot with the chemistry between Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik. They’re just so adorable and yes… I am too waiting and hoping for news that they’re dating T_T. Park Bo Young is sooo adorable yet tough while Park Hyung Sik is soo extra LOL. But his puppy eyes will for sure cast you under his ~spell~ hehehe.

Overall, I thought this drama is a must watch if you’re into rom-coms and thriller fusions. After watching this, I wanted to watch more dramas with Park Bo Young in it!. Also, feel free to start an open discussion about this drama in the comments below ^_^ I’d love to discuss the plot, delve deeper into the storyline, etc!

Feel free to start an open discussion about this drama in the comments below ^_^ I’d love to discuss the plot, delve deeper into the storyline, etc!

Overall Thoughts:
Great Rom-Com/Thriller fusion
Very cute
Some creepy parts
Happy ending


3 Replies to “| Drama Review | Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”

  1. Hey there 🙂 I enjoyed your review. It took me a second, but I had to google who Kim Won Hae was and when I saw his picture I realized the moments you were talking about. It is very hilarious and I do indeed have a soft spot for him. The poor guy 😂
    I do have a question for you. I’m curious on what you thought about the ending — when she got her powers back. I thought that was very deus ex machina. I was prepared for her to live her life without powers and I was completely fine with that.


    1. Hi!! I’m so sorry for the late response as I am currently drowning in school work 😦

      I have to admit, the part where she got her powers back was super cliche but I loved that scene sooo much. I honestly watched that part like 3 times, but not because she got her powers back, but because of the emotion she was able to show when she was telling him to leave (I balled soooo hard haha). Even though I was prepared for her to live without her powers, I think getting it back was such a pivotal moment. She experienced life without her powers (which was what she hoped for all her life) but didn’t enjoy it because she lost something so unique and significant to her. I think it was necessary for her to lose and regain her powers to make her realize how much she took her powers for granted and allow her to feel appreciation for her gift. I think it also served a great gentle reminder to accept what we have in our own lives (even though they may not be super powers haha). I like to think dramas teach lessons once in a while hehe ^_^


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