| Kyoto, Japan | Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama

View from the top

This was hands down one of my favorite places in Kyoto. It was really close to the Bamboo Grove so I would definitely recommend swinging by if you guys have the chance! There is a hike up which took around 20 minutes (there are also a couple of pitstops with AC). My favorite part was that the Macaques weren’t caged up and we were the ones caged up! You get to buy mini bags of peanuts and apples for 100¥ each and you can only feed them when you’re in the mini house. I was able to see a mom and baby when I was feeding but whenever I tried to feel the baby, the mom would steal the food LOL T_T. I was really close one time but the baby grabbed my finger instead of the peanut (I think they don’t know how to grab yet ☹ )

I went around 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM and I think around 30 minutes later, they had feeding time where the workers played music and distributed food to all the Macaques. From many reviews I read, I heard it’s best to visit in the morning (including the Bamboo Grove) to avoid a big crowd. When I went, there was also a good amount of people there. By the way, some important things to remember is you’re not supposed to point cameras directly at them and look into their eyes directly because it may scare them!

I spent around an hour there but I think you can definitely spend less time there if you’re in a rush (just remember to allocate time to hike up and down)! There’s also some little shops outside where they sold souvenirs and snacks. Overall, I would definitely recommend swinging by if you’re able to!

Bonus picture ^_^

Mother and child :’)
They also sold these super cute magnets for around 500¥ (I think!)