| Drama Review | Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


Korean Title: 힘쎈여자 도봉순
Chinese Title: 大力女子都奉順
Release Date: 02/24/2017 – 04/15/2017
Language: Korean
Episodes: 16

Park Bo Young
Park Hyung Sik
Ji Soo An
Woo Yeon
Seol In A


Let me just start out by saying…SUCH A CUTE DRAMA. I loved how this drama was so adorable yet had some depth to it. There were many comedic scenes that made the drama very fun to watch. But there were also some creepy parts (…like really creepy…you have been warned c: ) though it’s nothing you won’t be able to get through! I really admired Park Bo Young’s acting…her crying scenes had me balling like there was no tomorrow. As for the basic storyline, it is mainly focused around one crime case, development of Park Bo Young’s acceptance of her power, and development of her relationships. The supporting cast (mostly gang members) didn’t add much to the plot but they brought such a comedic side to the whole drama.

I have to say this…I felt soooooo soo soooo bad for Kim Won Hae’s character (LOL – you guys will understand why when you watch) but he was just so funny. I really commend him on taking on his role!

I also cannot with the chemistry between Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik. They’re just so adorable and yes… I am too waiting and hoping for news that they’re dating T_T. Park Bo Young is sooo adorable yet tough while Park Hyung Sik is soo extra LOL. But his puppy eyes will for sure cast you under his ~spell~ hehehe.

Overall, I thought this drama is a must watch if you’re into rom-coms and thriller fusions. After watching this, I wanted to watch more dramas with Park Bo Young in it!. Also, feel free to start an open discussion about this drama in the comments below ^_^ I’d love to discuss the plot, delve deeper into the storyline, etc!

Feel free to start an open discussion about this drama in the comments below ^_^ I’d love to discuss the plot, delve deeper into the storyline, etc!

Overall Thoughts:
Great Rom-Com/Thriller fusion
Very cute
Some creepy parts
Happy ending


| Drama Review | Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo


Korean Title: 역도요정 김복주
Release Date: 11/16/2016 – 01/11/2017
Language: Korean
Episodes: 16

Lee Sung Kyung
Nam Joo Hyuk
Kyung Soo Jin
Lee Jae Yoon
Lee Joo Young
Cho Hye Jung
Ji Il Joo


This is a great drama to watch if you’re into the light hearted and lovey dovey mood! I really enjoyed this drama for what it was; don’t expect anything crazy to happen. The reason I’m giving this a full 10 stars is because of Lee Sung Kyung’s acting and her chemistry with Nam Joo Hyuk. She is an amazing actress and so incredibly adorable. I liked how she wasn’t your typical cute girly type who is not afraid to stand up for herself. Nam Joo Hyuk is also great eye candy hehe. Their chemistry was amazing, nothing felt awkward and I couldn’t help but while smile watching them. This drama put me in a great mood and was a real picker upper! There were side plots that I was not into and I felt like I could’ve lived without them. Btw, if you’re into seeing a couple of kiss scenes, I’m sorry to say you only get like one or two T___T (I know, I was sad too) but nonetheless, great drama and I highly recommend it!

Feel free to start an open discussion about this drama in the comments below ^_^ I’d love to discuss the plot, delve deeper into the storyline, etc!

Overall Thoughts:
Great Rom-Com
Very cute
Light hearted
Happy ending
Picker upper

| Beauty Review | BBIA – Last Auto Gel Eyeliner

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog ^_^ I’m going to review the BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliners in #40 Angel, #04 Rose Gold, and #B5 Soul Brown. Keep reading for reviews and swatches!

BBIA Gel Eyeliner Swatch

Brand: BBIA
Product: Last Auto Gel Eyeliner
Colors: ❀ #40 Angel ❀ #04 Rose Gold ❀ #B5 Soul Brown ❀
Price: ~7 (Click here to purchase on Jolse with free shipping!)

I immediately fell in love with the colors! The Rose Gold and Angel have fine sparkles that don’t look overpowering. When you first put it on, it there isn’t much pigmentation but going over it twice or three times really builds the color. Soul Brown is a matte brown that is also definitely build-able. It can be used when you want a softer and darker brown eyeliner. The other end of the eyeliner has a little sharpener (its not great but it works!). This is great for travel in case you don’t want to bring a separate sharpener. One thing I was really disappointed in however was the packaging. Overall, it looks nice but when i opened Angel when I first got it, the whole stick of eyeliner fell out. I thought this was only a defect for that one but one day, it happened to my Soul Brown as well. It might be the heat in my home making the eyeliner slip out? (Did this happen to anyone else?😞 ). I’m not sure but this hasn’t happened to any of my other eyeliners. However this is really easy to fix, I usually just push it back into the tube! Overall, I really love this product!

Overall Thoughts:
❀ Gorgeous colors
❀ Many colors to choose from
❀ Great price
❀ Medium pigmentation, build-able
❀ Smudge resistant
❀ Sharpener at the other end
❀ Bad Packaging – eyeliner may fall out

Thank you for reading and come back again for more reviews!

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| Haul | TesterKorea


TesterKorea is one of my favorite sites to grab some Korean cosmetics (here is the link to their site: http://testerkorea.com/)! I’m based in the US so it does take a couple of weeks to ship but I find that they offer products at a lower cost than most shops here. When I order, I usually choose the lowest cost shipping that does not offer tracking and I’ve never had a problem with it. It’s also not free shipping and the shipping cost depends on the weight of the order (remember that the shipping cost can quickly add up to when purchasing a lot). But despite all this, they have a wide range of brands and products. I went on a huge haul recently and bought these products. I will be doing reviews and swatches of these as I use them more!

SKII – Facial Treatment Essence
LeeJiHam – Tea Tree Mist Toner
Laneige – Brightening Sparkling Water Capsule Mist
Innisfree – Whitening Pore Synergy Serum
SU:M37 – Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick
April Skin – Pinky Piggy Collagen Pack

Missha – Dewy Glossy Eyes (Berry Smoothie)   ❀ Click me for the swatch ❀
Innisfree – No Sebum Mineral Pact
BBIA – Last Auto Gel Eyeliner (Rose Gold)   ❀ Click me for the swatch ❀
BBIA – Last Auto Gel Eyeliner (Angel)   ❀ Click me for the swatch ❀

| Beauty Review | Missha Dewy Glossy Eyes #Berry Smoothie



Brand: Missha
Product: Dewy Glossy Eyes
Color: Berry Smoothie
Price: ~$12

Although there is not much pigmentation, there is a slight pinkish hue that is not overpowering at all (in the video, there wasn’t much of a pink hue but in person there is a faint pink hue). It also comes with a lot of glitter so it would be perfect for those days where you don’t want to wear visible eyeshadow but still want to add a bit more life to your eyes. One interesting thing about this product was the density. All of the eyeshadows I own have a hard formula but this feels very airy and cushiony. In the video you can see that swatching it made a slight indent in the product. I’m not quite sure if this is a good or bad thing but it was just something I noticed. There is no scent to this product as well and the packaging is A1. The gold and acrylic detailing makes it look very ~fancy~ and just holding it makes me feel pretty already LOL!

Overall Thoughts:
I really like this product!
Not much pigmentation
A lot of sparkles
Airy and cushiony

| Drama Review | Shopping King Louie


Korean Name: 쇼핑왕 루이
Chinese Name: 購物王路易
Release Date: 9/21/2016 – 11/10/2016
Language: Korean
Episodes: 16

Main Cast:
Seo In Guk
Nam Ji Hyun
Yoon Sang Hyun
Im Se Mi
Kang Ji Sub
Eom Hyo Seop


TLDR: I highly recommend this drama if you’re into Rom-Coms. Don’t be thrown off by the 9 star rating! I’m only giving this a 9 star rating because the ending was very very BLEH. (As a drama addict, the ending plays a huge role on how you feel for the next few days. Do you get me??)

I’m very happy with how the drama had me feeling and I’m really glad I decided to watch it. Upon browsing through dramas, I passed this many times because I never saw an appeal to it but, I gave it a shot and NO RAGRETS.

I really think this is one of the better dramas I’ve watched recently. This drama is extremely light hearted because every character’s roles are really innocent and nothing really bad ever happened. They did an awesome job with the CG effects aband it added so much humor and cuteness. Big applause 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I also don’t even know how to express how much I loved this couple. Both played the innocent role sooo well and I felt like their chemistry was amazing. Throughout the whole drama, although a little embarrassed to say, I was thinking I wish I found a love as true as theirs. I could nor get enough.

The ending was a happy one so don’t worry, but the way they just forced their ending with something completely irrelevant was so disappointing. I think what I’ve been wanting to see was a marriage scene to signify their happily ever after but instead, they chose to fill a good 30 minute gap with something that added nothing except the ever so obvious “fated to be together” cliche. This drama was doing soo good until towards the end of the drama where I felt like they resolved all the problems and didn’t know where to go. In addition, they randomly added another character when they could’ve easily completed a love line. Why did they tease us with 2 other love lines if they weren’t going to put an end to them ;__; ?! *End Spoiler alert*.

Feel free to start an open discussion about this drama in the comments below ^_^ I’d love to discuss the plot, delve deeper into the storyline, etc!

Overall Thoughts:
Great Rom-Com
Very cute
Light hearted
Meh (but happy) ending

| Drama Review | Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Korean Name: 구르미 그린 달빛
Chinese Name: 雲畫的月光
Release Date: August 22 – October 18, 2016
Episodes: 18
Language: Korean

Main Cast:
Park Bo Gum
Kim Yoo Jung
Jin Young
Chae Soo Bin
Kwak Dong Yeon


This is a lovey dovey-cutesy historical drama about a cross dressing eunuch that falls in love with the Crown Prince.

It is perfect to watch this when you’re looking for a pastime drama that does not require much thinking; you also don’t have to pay attention in detail to understand the plot development. This drama did a very good job balancing somber scenes whole still engaging the love line. *PS there is also a good chunk of bromance scenes.

The problems depicted in the drama are typical but never escalated as much as I’ve seen in other dramas so it is more suitable for a lighter mood. The ending was a bit of a tear jerker, but just the slightest bit (although it may be because I wasn’t as emotionally attached to the characters – with no fault of the actors).

I must say I’m very impressed with Kim Yoo Jung’s acting. While she is very young, she didn’t fail to depict the emotions. Park Bo Gum also did a very good job at providing some comic relief and eye candy scenes. Every now and then, the drama inserted some comic relief scenes, more in the beginning, so it’s not too serious all through out.

Sidenote – One other thing that I noticed was some unnecessary storylines such as the Princess and her lover (I think there was only a total of around 15 minutes where it was about them). It didn’t add much substance to the drama but overall, it was still cute to see.

Overall, it was a good drama and I would recommend people to watch it!

Feel free to start an open discussion about this drama in the comments below ^_^ I’d love to discuss the plot, delve deeper into the storyline, etc!

Overall Thoughts:
Good pastime drama
Balance between love and conflict
Not many deaths
Happy ending

| Drama Review | Our Gab Soon


Korean Name: 우리 갑순이
Chinese Name: 我們的甲順
Release Date: 8/27/2016 – 2/12/2017
Language: Korean
Episodes: 50

Kim So Eun
Song Jae Rim
Yoo Sun
Choi Dae Chul
Kim Gyu Ri
Lee Wan


This is my first “long family drama” but much to my surprise, is actually not a bad drama at all. Warning, the beginning was a bit dragging and ignited some frustration due to the character dynamics and overflow of trivial problems.

I also found the influx of characters in the beginning of this 50 episode drama very hard to follow. However when deeper issues arose, I was craving to know what will happen next.

To break it up, I’ll talk about the two main couples:

Gab Soon & Gab Dol: their story line is so dragging and very frustrating. Also the portrayal of Gab Dol’s character is frustrating. Their relationship is extremely slow in progress. They seem to revolve around the same issue over and over again. It becomes a bit tiresome to even keep up with how they are doing. (Just let them to be happy! LOL) However, I must admit they are very cute together. One of the main reasons I started watching this was because they were a fan favorite in We Got Married and she was also in Boys Over Flowers.

Jae Soon & Geum Sik: They are actually my favorite story line. I couldn’t help but sympathize for Jae Soon. Geum Sik was such a poop but don’t worry, he gets better! Their problems seem more relatable and plausible. It’s interesting to see how their issues arise and how they try to resolve it.

The reason I gave this a 7/10 was because I’m more upset with how this drama ended. I was going to give it a 8/10 half way through but now that I’m finished, its more of a 7/10 to me. It felt like they kept building upon issue after issue in each episode and suddenly wrapped everything up in the last 1 or 2 episodes. I really wish they led into it slowly after all the characters, and us the viewers (LOL) have been throughout the whole drama :c . In addition, it felt like there wasn’t much character development. Everything that happened kept circulating around the same issues and it seemed like they never grew from it.

Overall I enjoyed this drama for what it was. I think its for those who have the patience to go through with just keeping up with the character’s lives watching how they progress through their issues. It was a long family-type of drama that showcased real life typical issues that would arise in normal everyday relationships; many of which we are not exposed to in other dramas.

I’m really confused on why they suddenly stopped showing Kim Gyu Ri. I kind of expected her to come back but it’s like she just suddenly disappeared to resolve the issue between Jae Soon and Geum Sik.

Feel free to start an open discussion about this drama in the comments below ^_^ I’d love to discuss the plot, delve deeper into the storyline, etc!

Overall Thoughts:
A little frustrating
Meh ending but happy
No one single plot
Interesting couple dynamics

| Recipe | Kimchi Pancake  

Ingredients (serves 2 large pancakes):
3 Tablespoon Kimchi Juice
2 Tablespoon Diced Onion
1 Cup Chopped Kimchi
1/4 Cup Water
1/2 Teaspoon Salt (Put less if your Kimchi is already salty)
1/2 Cup Flour
A Pinch of Sugar (To taste)

1) Mix all the ingredients together
2) Make sure there is no water on your pan and pour enough oil to cover the whole pan
4) Heat the oil over medium heat
5) After about 1&1/2 minutes, put the batter in the pan with a circular shape and around 1/4 of an inch thick. Make sure you don’t press on the batter as this will make it stick to the pan
6) Let the batter fry for around 1 minute to let it achieve the crispy texture then it is ready to be flipped
7) Fry it on the other side for around 1&1/2 minutes and then flip again *the sound of the Kimchi pancake should make a scratchy sound and that is how you know you’ve achieved the perfect texture!
8) Flip one more time and let it fry a little more
9) Now it is ready to be served! I usually put it on a plate with a paper towel and flip it a few times so it can absorb the excess oil

Hope you enjoyed this recipe!